Auto Maintenance Introduction: Tips For Beginners
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Auto Maintenance Introduction: Tips For Beginners

I grew up around cars my entire life and could turn a wrench around the same time I learned to walk. As a result, I've learned a lot about car maintenance, repair, and mechanics. I also learned that a lot of people don't have that level of understanding, so I wanted to share my skills and my knowledge with others. I've created this site to help teach people how to maintain their own cars safely so that they don't risk disaster on the road. I hope the information here helps you to take better care of your car and maybe make fewer trips to the local auto repair shop.


Auto Maintenance Introduction: Tips For Beginners

  • 3 Tips For Keeping Your Vehicle On The Road

    11 October 2018

    When you're interested in getting the most out of your car repair, maintenance, and roadside safety, there are a number of things that you need to know. The more that you look into the care of your automobile, the easier it is for you to keep it up to par and make sure you are safe when you drive. To get started on the road to making the most of your vehicle, read these tips below and start touching base with some automobile professionals that can help you out.

  • 4 Signs Your Brake Pads Need To Be Replaced

    4 March 2018

    Your Nissan's brake pads play a significant role in your brake system. Your brake pads are necessary in order for you to stop effectively. Your brake pads will need to be changed numerous times over the life of your vehicle. Luckily, your brake pads will give you plenty of warnings that they need to be changed. #1 Pedal Vibrations One of the first things that you may notice is a change in your pedals.