Auto Maintenance Introduction: Tips For Beginners
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Auto Maintenance Introduction: Tips For Beginners

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Auto Maintenance Introduction: Tips For Beginners

4 Surprising Things An Auto Body Shop Can Do For Your Car

Marc Vasquez

Most people thing of an auto body shop as a place to take your car after it's been damaged in an auto accident. That is not the only service most auto body shops offer to consumers, however. The more you know about these services, the better use you can make of your local auto body shop. These are four services you might be surprised to learn that many car body shops offer.

1. Hail Damage Repair

Hail damage is not only unsightly but if you fail to repair it, it can reduce the resale value of your car and leave your vehicle vulnerable to further damage in the form of rusting, paint chips, and other possible problems. Hail damage repair may be covered by your insurance, especially if there is a substantial amount of damage. However, you may want to discuss your options with the auto body shop to determine if you would be better off paying out of pocket rather than risking rising insurance rates.

2. Paintless Dent Removal

No one likes dents in their vehicle. They are unsightly and can lead to bigger problems down the road. For instance, an unfortunate door dent in the exact worst location could reduce the watertight seal on your car's door leaving your car's interior vulnerable to water damage. There are so many unforeseen reasons why it is wise to remove dents from your vehicle.  Unfortunately, matching paint can be problematic. Even if you find the exact factory shade used on your vehicle, paint fades over time, making it difficult to match and often requiring you to paint the entire vehicle for one small ding.

Paintless dent removal from your local auto body shop, though, can eliminate the need for paint, helping you reduce costs while getting the results you desire.

3. Window Tinting

A poorly performed window tinting job will haunt you as long as you own your vehicle. Your auto body shop offers skilled professionals who have experience tinting windows and can help you get the right amount of tint to meet your needs while staying within the good graces of local law enforcement.

4. Paint Protection Wraps

If you haven't heard of wraps for your vehicle that protect your paint, now is the time to be amazed. Your local auto body shop can apply these clear wraps to your vehicle that do not damage the paint. In fact, they protect the paint on your vehicle from the sun and fading along with small scratches and dings from rocks and other road debris.

If it's been a while since you've needed the services of your local auto body shop, consider these services for your vehicles and the benefits they can provide. Look for a local auto body shop like Select Collision Group